Program Overview

Healthcare has become more mobile, global and personal as it has already enlarged its scope beyond patient domain. Leading healthcare organizations are considering the proposition of treating chronically ill patients without even accommodating them in the healthcare centers as their focus is shifting from treatment to prevention.

For this purpose, wireless technologies are being built around the idea that interactions and personalized data are prompted by the patients and managed by both healthcare providers (hospitals, Medical Home Teams, Doctors, etc.) and patients. This implies more participatory and collaborative relationship between healthcare providers and patients. There is nothing wrong in saying that we have much improved vision for “patient centricity” which includes more active, more empowering e-patient support.

Movements to implement the new relationship model are likely to be incremental because it represents a fundamental cultural shift. Forward thinkers or “early adopters” may embrace this model. Therefore, keeping in view today’s needs, MILE Academic Committee is going to organize 3rd Leadership Program on High Performance healthcare Organizations.

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    • Learn the latest trends in healthcare leadership and acquire world's best practices from top-notch industry leaders
    • Explore the technical expertise and know how, accompanied with spiritual, physical and emotional quotient that are unique to our program design methodology
    • Test your leadership skills to the maximum in a friendly environment
    • Benefit from the region's most effective and relevant networking sessions
  • Top healthcare industry management (public & private sectors) including:
    • Chief Medical Officers
    • Hospitals General Managers
    • Medical Colleges Directors
    • Heads of Nursing
    • Departmental Heads
    • Healthcare Insurance Providers
    • Government Officials in Healthcare
    • OD & Training Directors
    • Healthcare Policy Makers
    • Free Webinars (Pre/Post Program)
    • Pre-Program Online Assessments
    • One-on-One psychometric assessment and coaching by TalentQ.
    • Instant access to SmartKPI Network
    • Extensive readings of selected publications, books and reports in PDFs
    • Networking with decision makers and subject experts
    • World's best-selling books
    • Executive 2.0 Coaching
    • Free Medical Check-up
    • Madinah Field Trips and Islamic History Museum
    • Complimentary Umrah (applies to international participants)

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