Prof. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Prof. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff has been the Academic Director at Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Germany since 2013.

He has been a professor in hospital management at the University of M√ľnster since 1994 and is head of the Center for Hospital Management.

He is a licensed INSIGHTS MDI Trainer as well as an EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) Assessor.

Prof. Wilfried von Eiff is a consultant in Health Economics at the International Institute for Health Economics. His main responsibility is to assess the medical and economic value of new technologies, and to test how they can contribute to greater added value and better results for patients. Acknowledging that the healthcare system is chronically underfunded, Prof. von Eiff strives to achieve greater quality and efficiency at the same level of, or indeed reduced, costs.